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Boston tour operator offering “Mafia tour” involving son of head boss

Angelo Provenzano is the son of Bernardo Provenzano. The latter is the alleged Boss of Bosses of Cosa Nostra, the successor to Salvatore “Totò the Beast” Riina. The Italian and foreign law enforcement agencies have been looking for him for years, unsuccessfully.

Twice a week, Angelo Provenzano lectures groups of US tourists on the history (including contemporary history, of course) of Mafia. He is on the payroll of a Boston tour operator offering “Mafia tours” to Sicily to his costumers.

Mr Provenzano told the Italian press that he is “entitled to an ordinary life”.

Further details on the tour are not known. Will the tourists visit Capaci, where a Mafia bomb killed judge Giovanni Falcone and his security detail? Or the spot where Prefect general Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa was gunned down? Or the house where Giulio Andreotti allegedly met and kissed Salvatore Riina?


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