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Blitzkrieg model for Italian tourism

A report published by the Italian Confederation of Tourism revealed that the tourists visiting the Peninsula are growing in number, but opt for shorter and less expensive travels.

Indeed whoever lives in a city like Venice can see that mass tourism in Italy has evolved into the so-called “bite-and-go tourism”, with visitors touring the city for just one day and then leaving, sometimes even without spending the night there, a typical example being the passengers of cruise ships.

Moving is more easier thanks to European integration, low-cost carriers and railways offers, so the traveler is tempted to visit more and more cities, towns or places of interest.

According to the same report, however, France and Spain are still able to entertain visitors longer. Perhaps they are going to be subject to the new trend, too, or perhaps they are doing a better job.

There is a common consensus in Italy that tourism policies are unsatisfying, so much that the Government is going to avocate them to itself, stripping the regional Governatorates of the relevant competences. Moreover, the Italian tourism industry sometimes earned a reputation of defrauding tourists, and the visitors are now trying to outwit their hosts with shorter stays.


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