Renzi’s “Good School” reform

The Italian school system is for the most part owned and managed by the State. For decades it has been plagued with problems, the main one being bad working conditions for teachers.

The Government launched a “Good School” reform which should give teachers permanent rather than temporary positions, a small allowance to increase their preparedness and a merit bonus to be awarded by the principals.

The principals are indeed the real protagonists of the reform, since they will see their powers significantly increased. They will be able to partly set the school hours and curricula, as well as choose the teachers to hire from a pool of candidates passing a public examination.

The private schools, many of which are managed by the Catholic Church, will get some fiscal benefit, but this will apply only to kindergartens, primary and secondary school: private high schools will not receive any public support. The official reason is that there is a greater number of State high schools, while municipal kindergartens and State primary and secondary schools are often overcrowded. However, it is also possible that the Government is not willing to leave too much space to the Catholic Church in high schools and Universities.


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