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Taxis v. Uber, restaurants v. Tripadvisor: Italy v. technology

The war between the Italian taxi and Uber, on paper, is over. The law is on the side of the taxi drivers, with the Authorities threatening to seize the cars of the Uber drivers. However, it is unclear whether the US company owning the app actually renounced to operate in Italy. After all, the law never frightened anyone in Italy, why should a US multinational bother with it?

Then there are the restaurant owners at war against Tripadvisor. In Milan one of them pressed charges for libel after a user had described his restaurant as filled with “perverts and call girls”.

Nothing of this is an exclusive of Italy, of course. Uber raised legal problems in other countries, and Tripadvisor slating is probably widespread everywhere.

However, one can’t deny that Italy has a problem with technology, with reports of the European Union pointing out at the digital backwardness of the country, successive Governments promising to solve the issue and statistics showing that impressive percentages of the population do not use Internet or even a PC.


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