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An alliance between the Catholic Church and (moderate) Islam?

Cardinal Angelo Scola, the Archbishop of Milan, probably would not be considered a member of the liberal wing of the Catholic Church. He has a close relationship with Communion and Liberation, and in the last Conclave he was the main rival of Cardinal Bergoglio.

However, he just offered the Muslims within his Archdiocese the oratories of his Parishes to pray. He did so just after the local Regional Parliament had approved a law making more difficult to build new mosques, which proved so controversial that the central Government quickly challenged it before the Constitutional Court.

It is not just political correctness, or the “Pope Francis effect”. The main danger for the Catholic Church is the dramatic secularization of the Italian society. The renewed religiosity imported by immigrants is an antidote. Of course, devout Catholics from the Philippines or South America are the best option, but also Protestants from Africa and Muslims can help.

Indeed the Catholic Church has been very active in assisting immigrants in Italy, often becoming a target of the political right and of anti-immigration parties.


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