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Legalize soft drugs, says Italian Counter-Mafia Directorate

The Italian National Counter-Mafia Directorate is a national agency tasked with investigating and prosecuting major crimes related to organized crime, international terrorism and drug trafficking. Every year it sends a report to the Parliament.

The last one recommended the lawmakers to consider the possibility to legalize soft drugs: “Taking into account the whole situation, which highlights the objective inability of any repressive effort to work, it will be up to the legislative bodies to evaluate whether, within a wider framework (which should be at least European, since we have already a unified drugs market), it is expedient to decriminalize the norms regulating the [soft drugs] issue, taking into account that, in balancing the opposite interests involved, you’ll have to be keep in mind, on one part, the ways and the measure which are concretely (rather than abstractly) more fit to ensure, in this field, the citizens’ right to health (in particular minors’ right) and, on the other side, the effect that decriminalization would have in diminishing the Courts workload, in freeing resources for law enforcement and Courts to fight different kinds of crimes, and, finally, in draining a market which is, at least in part, under the control of aggressive criminal organisations”.

In 2014, the Italian Constitutional Court quashed a norm introduced in 2006 equating soft and hard drugs.


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