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Leading Italian female journalist writes sexist men should be “blackmailed”

Concita De Gregorio is not one Italian journalist. Rather, she is a leading editorialist of the important newspaper La Repubblica.

Commenting the International Women’s Day, she urged the Italian women to use whatever means necessary against men not fully respecting them: “Believe me, there is always a way. There is always someone available, especially now, in a fully exposed world, a always online, always active world. Threaten them just like them do. You know enough, look for the detail which will be the weapon for your blackmail. Sure, it’s sad, but the time has come to use the only language they understand. Be cruel. You can”.

The bizarre appeal did not trigger significant reactions. If it was a provocation, it didn’t work.

On a more sober and more official tone, women were praised by the Italian President and by Pope Francis.


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