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The case of the reality show winner revealed in advance in Italy

Aired every evening on Silvio Berlusconi’s Channel 5, “Striscia la notizia” (“The News Crawl Around”) is something between a comedy show and an investigative journalism show. There were born the “veline”, the archetype of the scantly clad girls who are ubiquitous in the Italian television.

The show is now under fire for revealing in advance the name of the winner of the Italian edition of Masterchef, who was officially proclaimed in the final aired yesterday evening.

The channel airing the show, which is part of the Murdoch empire, commented the “scoop” in very harsh terms and is evaluating a legal action against Mr Berlusconi’s networks.

The case could have wider implication since it has the potential to be the casus belli for a rupture of the truce allegedly negotiated between Mr Murdoch and Mr Berlusconi.

For sure it will raise interesting questions for lawyers and judges handling the highly complicated and formalist Italian law: is it illegal to reveal in advance the name of the winner of a reality show?


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