Foreign relations

Renzi and the ghost of Nemtsov in Moscow

The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi will be in Moscow on Wednesday and Thursday with an ambitious objective: enlist Russia in the international coalition against the Islamic State in Libya.

Russia is already the main ally of the Syrian Government which is fighting IS in its own territory. Damascus, however, is accused by some observers of avoiding confrontation with the Caliphate and focusing on weaker militias of the opposition front.

In the streets of Moscow and in the corridors of the Kremlin Mr Renzi will find the ghost of Boris Nemtsov, the opposition politician gunned down in the capital after he had accused President Vladimir Putin of be willing to take him out.

Mr Renzi has announced that he will visit the spot where Mr Nemtsov died to pay tribute to him. However, in the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera the leading journalist and writer Beppe Severgnini encouraged the Government to take a tougher stance on Russia, noting that the Ambassadors of Britain, France and Germany already visited the site of Mr Nemtsov’s death, while the reaction of Rome and Brussels (where the Italian Federica Mogherini is in charge of foreign relations, at least on paper) was much more subdued.


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