Security and defence

First Islamic State propaganda in Italian found

The Italian website Wibilao  retrieved on the Net and published a 64-page propaganda document allegedly produced by the Islamic State.

The peculiarity of the document is the fact that it’s written in excellent Italian, which is a first time even for the cosmopolitan Caliphate.

The new focus of the Islamic State on Italy was probably triggered by the threat by Rome of a military intervention in Libya, where IS was able to establish a bridgehead.

Italy is any case the country surrounding the Vatican State and the first European destination of many immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. According to some observers, the porous maritime border along the Sicily Channel could provide IS with an excellent opportunity to infiltrate agents.

Since Italy is part of the Schengen Area, in theory from Sicily you could go all the way to, say, Paris. In practice, however, the internal borders of the European Union are far from open to immigrants. Moreover, some commentators noticed that IS operatives are far more likely to travel by air using fake passports, thus avoiding the perils of a clandestine travel across the Sicily Channel. Should the Caliphate strengthen its position in Libya, it could instead favor such clandestine travels by ordinary immigrants just to put under pressure the Italian Authorities.


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