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Cooperative enterprises in Italy

Article 45, paragraph 1 of the Italian Constitution reads: “The Republic recognizes the social value of cooperation aimed at mutual assistance rather than private gain. The law promotes and favors the increment of cooperation with convenient measures and provides for the checks which are necessary to ensure its mutual assistance essence and aims”. Cooperatives are the business … Continue reading

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Boston tour operator offering “Mafia tour” involving son of head boss

Angelo Provenzano is the son of Bernardo Provenzano. The latter is the alleged Boss of Bosses of Cosa Nostra, the successor to Salvatore “Totò the Beast” Riina. The Italian and foreign law enforcement agencies have been looking for him for years, unsuccessfully. Twice a week, Angelo Provenzano lectures groups of US tourists on the history (including … Continue reading

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The embarrassing coverage of the Germanwings disaster in Italy

Disasters like the one of Germanwings flight 9525 will usually trigger an emphatic and emotive answer from Italy. This time, however, things were different. The rightist newspaper Il Giornale, belonging to Mr Berlusconi’s family, mocked Germany stating that the country had found in the suicide co-pilot “its own Schettino”. Having a nationalist tone, Il Giornale had resented … Continue reading


The French departmental elections as seen from Italy

In the French departmental elections the National Front, while achieving a very good result, was ultimately contained by the traditional right of former President Nicolas Sarkozy. Mr Sarkozy exploited the fear of the moderate voters and the free fall of the Socialist Party of President Francois Hollande, but also stole from the National Front a … Continue reading