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Italian Catholic magazine attacks Charlie Hebdo

The Italian Catholic magazine “Famiglia Cristiana” labeled its French counterpart Charlie Hebdo as “moralist” and “presentious” after the latter portrayed in its cover cartoon a dog version of Pope Francis furiously pursuing another dog holding an edition of Charlies Hebdo in its mouth. Another “hunting dog” has the face of the French rightist politician Marine Le Pen.

Why this sudden attack after so many cartoons targeting religion and, above all, after the infamous terrorist attacks which made the French magazine so popular worldwide? “Because the cartoonists” the Catholic magazine explains “now have taken another job, id est lecturing the Holy Father”. Indeed the French magazine invites the Pope to “read again the Gospel, because a good Christian would never punch someone insulting his mother, but would rather turn the other cheek”.

The reference was to a statement made by the Pope during an official flight from Sri Lanka to Philippines in January: “If a friend insults my mother, he should expect to be punched”. The Pope’s statement drew some criticism in Italy, too.


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