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What is a “sheet blow” in Italy

An expression first used by Prime Minister Pier Luigi Bersani, a “sheet blow” is a legislative package based upon economic liberalisation and usually focused on supposedly rich or privileged categories like notaries, lawyers, taxi drivers, pharmacies etc.

In the Italian political coordinates system, liberalisations in general are considered rightist, but “sheet blows” are bipartisan in the sense that they are endorsed also by the left: Mr Bersani, the inventor of the “sheet blow”, belonged to the leftist Democratic Party.

Mr Renzi’s Government is now planning a new “sheet blow”, probably in part as an aswer to the accusation of being too rightist. The Government, however, won’t legislate by decree but rather submit a Bill to the Parliament. There some resistance is expected by MPs pressured by the damaged categories or simply hostile to the Government.


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