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What “parking someone” means in Italy

In Italy a “parking” is a job or a position, usually temporary, to which you will send someone to whom you can’t or you don’t want to give a real job.

“Parking” can be benevolent or malevolent. You “park” your son at a master course if he can’t get a decent job. A party will “park” a politician who was not elected or reelected in a public holding or in a ¬†foundation until he can run again. A well connected but inept individual will be “parked” in a sinecure, sometimes forever.

In a malevolent “parking”, the target will be cornered in a dead end position waiting for his power to diminish enough to fire him without consequences. Alternatively, he will be “parked” forever in some sort of golden exile: in this case, the position offered to the “parked” individual will usually be a well paid sinecure.


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