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Italian State TV remembers Oriana Fallaci

Vittoria Puccini starring as Oriana Fallaci.

Between yesterday and today the Italian State TV is airing a biographical mini-series about the famous Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci.

A messenger for the Italian Resistance as a teenager during WWII, Mrs Fallaci got a honor mention by the Italian Army at 14.

As a young journalist, she covered the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement and the Apollo 11 mission. In 1968 she was wounded in Mexico City when the Armed Forces dispersed a student protest in Three Cultures Square. She also investigated on the mysterious death of writer and director Pier Paolo Pasolini.

In a famous episode, she removed her veil while interviewing the Iranian Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

However, today Mrs Fallaci is associated mainly to her uncompromising stance towards Islam, which she considered an inherently belligerent religion on the verge of conquering a decadent Western civilization.

Oriana Fallaci died in Florence in 2006.


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