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Italian company threatened for using “sexy” hostesses in Dubai fair

The Bologna Motor Show is famous for its sexy hostesses. However, the two girls employed by the Italian company in Dubai were dressed quite conservatively.

Gielle Industries (see official website) is an Italian producer of fire safety devices.

In January it attended a commercial fair in Dubai. Among the personnel staffing its stand there were two hostesses. They were fairly conservatively dressed – a T-shirt and trousers – and the photos of the event show that local notables didn’t mind chatting with two girls.

Despite this, the upload of the photos on the official Facebook page of the company started a storm of criticism, insults and threats by users accusing Gielle Industries of violating the norms and the values of Islam.

The company personnel is now understandably frightened despite the fact that the management reported the unforeseen social media storm to the Italian Authorities, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The employees are now refusing to work in Islamic countries, which could seriously damage the company. After all, Gielle Industries produces a unique water-free fire safety device which would be particularly useful in desert countries like the United Arab Emirates.


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