How to cling to power Renzi style

You can call him an achiever or a would be dictator, it’s a matter of perspective. For sure, the methods of the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi are quite offhand.

He is suspected of successfully boycotting Romano Prodi’s presidential election. Mr Prodi had already returned to Italy from Africa where he was on a UN mission since his election looked imminent.

He torpedoed Prime Minister Enrico Letta, belonging to his own party.

He used a secret agreement with Mr Berlusconi to sideline the internal opposition within his party then suddenly he scrapped the deal earning the dubious, but undoubtedly rare distinction of tricking the Cavaliere.

To strengthen his control of the Senate, he courted the MPs of many opposition parties. He failed to recruit the dissidents of the Five Stars Movement, but they left their party in great numbers anyway. He succeeded instead in enlisting all the senators of former Prime Minister Mario Monti’s party, he is in negotiations with some independents and according to some sources he was able to establish a sizable fifth column within Mr Berlusconi’s party, led by the latter’s close aide Denis Verdini.

Perhaps these maneuvers are unavoidable in politics. After all, Abraham Lincoln was reportedly compelled to make some unpleasant moves in order to get the US Congress to outlaw slavery.


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