Italian neo fascists enter mainstream politics

In the Italian First Republic there used to be a party called “Italian Social Movement”. Its name was inspired by Mussolini’s Italian Social Republic, and its stance about fascism was, in the words of Mussolini’s former Under-Secretary of State Augusto De Marsanich, “do not renegade, do not restore”. I’m not going to discuss here whether … Continue reading

Economy / Food / Foreign relations

The Italian dairy sector from quotas to deregulation

The Italians used to be very pro-EU, simply because they felt than any “foreign” Institution would be better than their own. Today their love for Brussels has faded almost completely. This is due to the crisis and austerity, of course, but if you had to find the first episode of widespread anti-EU sentiment in Italy, … Continue reading

Foreign relations

Italy, the only State able to appease both Israel and Palestine

In a veritable masterpiece of diplomatic equilibrium, in a hour the Italian Parliament approved two resolutions. Both recommend to the Government to recognize the State of Palestine, but the second one makes the recognition subject to the peace negotiations, id est to the consent of Israel. Unsurprisingly, the twin Resolutions were praised both by the … Continue reading

Politics / Religion

Italian Catholic magazine attacks Charlie Hebdo

The Italian Catholic magazine “Famiglia Cristiana” labeled its French counterpart Charlie Hebdo as “moralist” and “presentious” after the latter portrayed in its cover cartoon a dog version of Pope Francis furiously pursuing another dog holding an edition of Charlies Hebdo in its mouth. Another “hunting dog” has the face of the French rightist politician Marine Le Pen. … Continue reading

Crime and Court news

How to stab your wife “without cruelty” according to the Italian Supreme Court

The Criminal Bench of the Italian Supreme Court partially quashed  the sentence of Salvatore Parolisi, an Army NCO found guilty of stabbing his wife Melania Rea 36 times. The Supreme Court ruled that the 30 year sentence must be reduced since the recognition of the aggravating circumstance of “cruelty” was erroneous. According to the Court … Continue reading

Economy / Food / Science & Technology

Italian website to order pizza in millionaire sale

Christian Sarcuni, the young Italian owner of the website http://www.pizzabo.it, sold it to the German group Rocket Internet for an undisclosed millionaire sum. The website allow users to order a pizza delivery from a network of pizzerias in Northern Italy. Italian pizzerias typically are not part of any franchise but are similar to restaurants, and … Continue reading