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The TV presenter leading the polls in the Italian presidential race

Giancarlo Magalli.

Giancarlo Magalli is a TV presenter specialized in morning and afternoon entertainment shows. He doesn’t make the headlines, but people still know who he is. However, nobody would expect him to be chosen as the preferred candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in a recent poll.

Mr Magalli’s nomination was launched as a joke on the social networks, but usually Italians take politics (and polls) very seriously, even too seriously: that’s why the result puzzled the experts so much.

A possible explanation was offered by the leftist newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano: Mr Magalli’s surreal nomination was another way discovered by the people to protest against the political system, some sort of mockery. It’s a signal that the Italians, despite voting en masse Mr Renzi’s Democratic Party for fear of Mr Grillo’s unpredictable Five Stars Movement, still haven’t made peace with their leadership.



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