Italian Erasmus students to be allowed to vote

Yesterday after a heated debate the Italian Senate approved a new electoral bill which will be modeled after the electoral legislation in force for municipal elections.

Unless a party gets 40 percent of the votes, the two parties getting more votes will compete in a second ballot and the winner will get the majority of the seats in the Chamber of Deputies (the Senate is supposed to become a Chamber representing local Governments similar to the German Bundesrat).

The bill is more than likely to ensure Mr Renzi’s victory, however it was voted – for obscure reasons – also by Mr Berlusconi. Some of the Cavaliere’s MPs, puzzled by what was called a “political suicide”, refused to obey their instructions and voted against the bill.

A minor feature of the bill is that the Italian Erasmus students will be finally able to vote as electors in the Foreign Electoral District, originally established for the permanent communities of Italians abroad.


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