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How to win a primary election in Italy

The Democratic Party, to which belongs Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, selects its candidates by primary elections. The ones to elect the gubernatorial candidate for Liguria have just ended with the defeated former trade union leader Sergio Cofferati challenging the result amid allegations of fraud. The winner was Raffaella Paita, Mr Renzi’s official candidate.

The Review Committee of the Party annulled thousands of votes, but it confirmed the validity of the elections nonetheless. In reaction, Mr Cofferati simply resigned from the Party whose offices were inspected by the Special Branches of the State Police and of the Military Police by order of the local Counter-Mafia District Attorney’s Office.

Large groups of immigrants were reported voting under suspicious circumstances. Immigrants are usually not very integrated in Italy and they are unlikely to vote in the primary elections of the Party. Most of them are not Italian or EU citizens and thus cannot vote in official elections.

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