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Italy, no place for graduates

They call it “the brains’ escape”. Why so many Italian graduates, after getting their degree in the Italian State Universities, go to work abroad?

Well, there are a bunch of reasons.

If you try an academic career, you will discover that it depends on the influence of your supervisor and on the budget of the University rather than on your talents.

If you look for another job, many of your applications will go to the family run micro-enterprises which are typical in Italy. These enterprises are sometimes highly successful, but they don’t have many money to invest in human resources: once they have hired some workers and a couple of clerks, it’s over. They don’t look for managers, the owner is the only manager.

If you switch to the public sector, well, the Government has just prohibited any hiring for two years.

If you try to start your own enterprise, you will crash into the infamous Italian bureaucracy and the credit crunch, beside operating in an unsophisticated economy dominated by micro-enterprises in which it will be difficult to find a market for the ideas of, let’s say, a young engineer.

Finally, if you try to work as a self-employed professional or consultant, well, the Government has just increased the taxes and social contributions that you need to pay.


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