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“Millions of Islamic believers ready to slaughter us outside our houses”, says Italian political leader

Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Northern League party, after the terrorist attacks in France stated that “Islam is dangerous: there are millions of people around the world, even outside the doors of our homes, who are ready to slaughter and kill in the name of Islam… Islam is not just another religion and cannot be treated as such”.

Mr Salvini, however, disagrees with his ally Marine Le Pen on the necessity to reintroduce the capital punishment: “I would be content of life terms without parole with forced labor”.

We are not talking about a maverick rightist politician. Credited with resurrecting his party after a string of scandals, Mr Salvini can currently be considered the most prominent leader of the opposition, outclassing both Mr Grillo and Mr Berlusconi. However, unless he can agree an alliance at least with the latter, it will be difficult for him to defeat Mr Renzi.


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