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Will Renzy amnesty Berlusconi?

The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi came under fire when the press discovered that his new fiscal package includes a decriminalization norm which could directly benefit Silvio Berlusconi allowing him to run again for the Parliament, or even to get back his senatorial seat. Mr Berlusconi was indeed found guilty of tax fraud and expelled by the Senate.

Mr Renzi, while assuring that Mr Berlusconi will get no reduction of his sentence, did not cancel the norm, choosing instead to freeze it until the election of the new President by the Parliament.

Mr Renzi’s move was widely interpreted as a the use of a legal tool to keep under pressure Mr Berlusconi and force him to vote Mr Renzi’s presidential candidate as well as his electoral and constitutional bills.

Setting aside all the possible objections against such a modus operandi, the question is: what will happen if Mr Berlusconi complies? Will Mr Renzi clean his criminal record?


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