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The TV presenter leading the polls in the Italian presidential race

Giancarlo Magalli is a TV presenter specialized in morning and afternoon entertainment shows. He doesn’t make the headlines, but people still know who he is. However, nobody would expect him to be chosen as the preferred candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in a recent poll. Mr Magalli’s nomination was launched as a joke … Continue reading

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Berlusconi’s football team in deep crisis

A.C. Milan, Berlusconi’s football team, was thrown out of the Italy Cup after months of disappointing performances in the Italian Premier League. Mr Berlusconi was even rumored to be willing to sell the team, but this was denied. Beside sport, the crisis of Milan has also some political and economic significance, since it is yet another … Continue reading

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Closing arguments in Schettino’s trial

The trial against Francesco Schettino, the commander of the wrecked cruise ship Costa Concordia, is approaching its end in record time… at least taking into account the Italian standards and the complexity of the case. The prosecution delivered its closing arguments against the defendant using very harsh tones and repeatedly calling Mr Schettino “a liar”. … Continue reading

Foreign relations / History of Italy

The Italian conspiracy theories on the Mussolini-Churchill papers

For the fifty anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Churchill, we will report on the Italian conspiracy theories about his connection with Mussolini and his death, which are perhaps little known to the foreign readers. Benito Mussolini was executed by the Italian Resistance acting on orders of the National Liberation Committee and contrary to … Continue reading

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The world hunt for Italian historical relics

A dedicated branch of the Italian Military Police obtained from the Swiss Government the restitution of more than 5,000 historical finds worth 5 billion euros. The items had been stolen from various Italian historical sites and smuggled abroad. The same branch of the Military Police is working together with the Jewish Community of Rome to … Continue reading

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Italian Constitutional Court saves technocratic pension reform

The Italian Constitutional ruled that a proposed referendum to abrogate the pension reform enacted by Mario Monti’s technocratic Government cannot be held. The referendum, supported by an odd alliance of conservative parties and leftist trade unions, was likely to succeed. The possibility of a referendum being called had led the Government to consider modifications to … Continue reading