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“New” criminal organization takes over Rome

After arresting 37 people and putting under investigation the former Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno, the special forces of the Military Police and of the Tax Police made known that the Municipality of Rome had been taken over by an “entirely new and indigenous” criminal organization having all the characteristics of similar Italian establishments like the Sicilian Mafia.

The unnamed organization has its roots in the neo fascist circles in the capital, with the involvement of the former right-wing terrorist Massimo Carminati.  The takeover of the Municipal Administration, indeed, took part during the term of the right-wing Mayor Gianni Alemanno, who after his election was famously cheered by supporters with the fascist salute.

However, the network within the Municipality survived to the defeat of Mr Alemanno by the current leftist Mayor Ignazio Marino putting on its payroll leftist politicians.

The Five Stars Movement urged the Government to dissolve the Municipal Administration altogether.


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