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Germany Embassy in Rome assaulted

Yesterday there were clashes in various Italian cities during the “social strike” called by the leftist trade unions. In Rome, the protesters threw firecrackers and smoke bombs against the German Embassy.

Germany is widely blamed for the austerity policies adopted by the Italian Government, the European Union and the European Central Bank. Sometimes it is even accused of trying to establish a Fourth Reich after conquering Europe in a bloodless economic war.

The Italian Government opposed the German Reunification after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


3 thoughts on “Germany Embassy in Rome assaulted

  1. Good afternoon Marco,
    I must say your last line is absolutely “qualunquista”, as you are comparing two different historic episodes having a 25-year gap.
    Anyway,I must confess I am not suprised by this phenomenon. It is somehow forecastable when Mr Schäuble pretends to have the last word on any decision coming out of any Parlamient of Europe, or when Mr Weidmann thinks he has a veto power on every decision of the ECB, despite the fact the EU was born as a union of Countries having equal dignity.

    • Good afternoon Francesco, the post just reports the position of some hardline adversaries of Germany in Italy. Of course there is no Fourth Reich.

  2. No, of course a Fourth Reich is yet to come
    On the other hand it is undebatable that Ms Merkel and her entourage are trying to establish an egemony on the rest of Europe (refer also to this article of Mr Bonanni on, and, as I have mentioned, Mr Schäuble and Mr Weidmann considere normal to interefere on what is out of their jurisdiction.
    As no one like to be treated as a colony, it is indeed consequential that some anger may arise against this unbalanced system of power.

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