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Should Italian temporary workers go on strike?

They are not entitled to strike, sick leave and sometimes even maternal leave. They are the Italian temporary workers, classified as consultants, co-workers, external associates, interns, self-employed professionals, etc.

The Government and the trade unions face the same accusation of neglecting them.

But Mr Maurizio Landini, the industrial workers trade union officer who is becoming the only real political adversary of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, is trying to change this trend. He called a general strike for 14 November. For the first time the classical, de jure strike will be coupled with a “social strike” by the temporary workers.

For sure, the temporary workers would be able to paralyze many offices and even whole factories. But will they answer to Mr Landini’s call after decades of silence by the trade unions and will they risk the reprisals by their employers?

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