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No place for love in Italian sport courts

The Anti-Doping Prosecution Service of the Italian Olympic Committee asked the National Anti-Doping Court to suspend for more than three years Carolina Kostner, a very popular figure skater. Miss Kostner is accused of lying to investigators when her boyfriend, Alex Schwazer, another Italian athlete, was suspected of doping. Pursuant to the sport rules, Miss Kostner had an … Continue reading

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The Roma issue in Italy

Roma communities in Italy are nearly all nomadic, and they have a reputation of making their living from illegal activities. Truth or prejudice? It’s not important. What this article wants to register is that the relationship of Roma communities with the Italian public and authorities is deteriorating rather than improving, after so many international and … Continue reading

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EU Court finds Italy guilty of temporary work abuse in State schools

The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that the Italian practice of having State school teachers work for years under temporary contracts is in breach of EU law. The teachers, with assistance from the trade unions legal offices, could now files thousands of suits against the Ministry of Education. According to estimates, as … Continue reading

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Italian Courts and science, a troubled relationship

After the retracted judicial endorsement to the Stamina method and the infamous judgement which found the members of a Government Committee guilty of “non foreseeing an earthquake”, the Italian Courts shock the scientific community again. The Tribunal of Milan ordered the Ministry of Health to indemnify the family of a child “made autistic by a vaccine”. … Continue reading


Outsourcing hits Italian call centers

Since Italy has no Italian-speaking former colonies, call centers had largely been spared the massive outsourcing experienced by the industrial sector. Call centers are not oasis of happiness, of course. The contracts offered to employees are disadvantageous and usually temporary, working shifts are heavy, to be fired is easy, cold calling is often involved. And now, … Continue reading

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The statute of limitations in Italian criminal law

A judgement by the Italian Supreme Court acquitting all of the defendants in one of the asbestos cases due to the statute of limitations caused uproar in Italy. Casale Monferrato, a Municipality near Alessandria which suffered particularly in the asbestos epidemic, even decreed an official mourning. Thousands of people died in Italy as a consequence of the … Continue reading