History of Italy / Politics

The legend of King George of Italy

You can’t say that, before Mr Giorgio Napolitano, the Italian President was a purely ceremonial figure. For example, it is rumored that President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, in his capacity as Supreme Commander of the Italian Armed Forces, stopped Mr Berlusconi’s Government from taking part to the invasion of Iraq.

However, you can’t either deny that, at least since the appointment of Mr Monti’s Government by President Giorgio Napolitano, the political clout of the Italian Presidency has increased.

Mr Napolitano is credited with handpicking the current Minister of Economy, Mr Pier Carlo Padoan. This was denied, of course. In these days, however, the Italian press is unanimously reporting that Mr Napolitano, in a recent meeting with Prime Minister Renzi, squarely told him that an “experienced” Minister of Foreign Affairs is needed after Mrs Mogherini’s departure to serve in Brussels.

According to the press Mr Renzi tried to recommend the appointment of yet another young lady.


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