Berlusconi the yes man

Mr Renzi’s budget? Well, we have to vote against it, of course, we are the opposition, but it’s not so bad. Actually, it’s somehow a continuation of my own reforms.

Civil partnerships for gay couples? Yes, because family is important but love is more.

Easier access to the Italian citizenship for immigrants? Yes, sure.

An electoral law favoring parties rather than coalitions? Well, we can talk about that…

Mr Berlusconi looks unable or unwilling to say no to anything proposed by Mr Renzi. It could be a problem because a democracy needs an opposition, but luckily in Italy there is plenty of it, with the Brothers of Italy, the Northern League and the Five Stars Movement ferociously attacking the Government.

It remains an odd situation, however. Someone is comparing Mr Renzi to the leaders of the old Christian Democratic party, but this argument does not hold water. The Christian Democratic party had not a fraction of Mr Renzi’s consensus, it was opposed by political giants like the Italian Communist Party and it needed the support of minor parties to form a Government.


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