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Pope Francis’ Church: renovation or restyling?

The Italian media, after presenting the ongoing Bishops’ Synod as some sort of Revolutionary Congress, are now reporting the resistance opposed – often successfully – by conservative prelates, and anticipating a final relation which is going to be much more ambiguous and nuanced.

Meanwhile, today the Vicariate of Rome and the Italian Bishops’ Conference criticized the Mayor of the Eternal City for the registration of a gay marriage celebrated abroad despite contrary orders by the Ministry of the Interior.

The more anti-clerical observers will say that the new Pope is different on the surface only, a good communicator who is trying to make a reactionary institution more agreeable.

Perhaps the Pope is just reaching the limits of his vast power. The Catholic Church is based on millium-old dogmas, which simply cannot be changed or even bent.

Or who knows, the traditional supremacy of the Holy See could work once again, and the Pope could succeed in bringing about a real change.


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