Crime and Court news

The Italian rogue cops

On Tuesday an uniformed officer of the Tax Police, using a police car, assaulted the villa of a Roma boss in Dalmine, near Bergamo, trying to rob him. With the officer there were three accomplices, disguised as police officers. However, the entire group was arrested by the Military Police which was lying in wait near the villa.

Italian cops are not saints. Sometimes they are accused of violence against suspects or people under arrest. Sometimes they go rough for “political” reasons, when they handle covert affairs using techniques outside the manual: this happened particularly during the Cold War.

It is more unusual to see cops turned into common criminals, but it can happen. Between the Eighties and the Nineties the infamous “gang of the white Uno” (“Uno” was a popular FIAT model) terrified the country with its armed robberies, going so far as to wipe out a Military Police patrol before being caught.


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