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Catholic political battles raging in Italy

Yesterday in many Italian cities there were clashes between “standing sentinels” protesting against the Anti-Homophobia Bill (Scalfarotto Bill), on one side, and LGBT and leftist groups on the other side, often forcing the police to intervene.

In the same cities, many Mayors stated that they won’t comply with a memo by Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano ordering them, in their quality of State Registrar Officers, to cancel the transcriptions of gay marriages celebrated abroad. Mr Alfano came under fire by the Democratic Party and was reminded that the political stance of the Government on a given issue is formulated by the Council of Ministers and not by an individual Minister, no matter how important his portfolio.

In Voghera, a nurse working in the Emergency Room of the local hospital resigned after twice refusing to deliver an abortive pill to patients requesting it.

In the meantime, in Rome Pope Francis kicked off an Episcopal Synod expected to grant new concessions to divorced Catholics.


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