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The legend of King George of Italy

You can’t say that, before Mr Giorgio Napolitano, the Italian President was a purely ceremonial figure. For example, it is rumored that President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, in his capacity as Supreme Commander of the Italian Armed Forces, stopped Mr Berlusconi’s Government from taking part to the invasion of Iraq. However, you can’t either deny that, at … Continue reading

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Government-trade unions row takes Italy back to XX century

In 1898 the people of Milan, led by factory workers and trade unions, rebelled against the famine in the country. The Royal Army quelled the protest leaving an unknown number of victims behind. The commander of the troops, general Fiorenzo Bava Beccaris, earned the nickname “The Butcher”, but also a personal telegram by the King … Continue reading

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US general and soldiers quarantined in Italy pursuant to Ebola protocol

Eleven member of the US Armed Forces, including general Darryl Williams, are currently under quarantine in a US base in Vicenza, Italy, pursuant to precautionary protocols adopted against the Ebola virus, after arriving from Liberia. The US Embassy and Military Authorities reassured Italy that the measure is only precautionary, since the soldiers had no contact with … Continue reading

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Former Russian officer arrested in Rome

Acting on a request by the Russian Authorities, the Italian Police arrested on Saturday Mr Dmitri Bezdelov, the former chief of a Russian federal agency charged with the management of borders. The arrest took place in Rome after Mr Bezdelov had checked into a luxury hotel, probably without knowing that his name was on the international … Continue reading

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Italian Constitutional Court defies UN Hague Court over German crimes during WWII

    Solving a prejudicial question submitted by the Florence Court, the Italian Constitutional Court ruled that Germany cannot claim sovereign immunity in Italian Courts in suits related to crimes committed during World War II, despite a judgement by the Hague UN International Court of Justice reaffirming such immunity. The Constitutional Court, while not questioning … Continue reading