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Italians getting used to Vatican crime and court news

To be true, the Vatican law enforcement and judicial system has always been very active. The tiny State is constantly packed with tourists, and where there are tourists, there are pickpockets. Then there are the Vatican employees, so often in contact with priceless pieces of art or highly restricted documentation.

However, such investigations and proceedings didn’t make the headlines, so much that many Italians were unaware that the Vatican has its criminal courts and even a jail.

Then the “crow case” came, with Papal butler Paolo Gabriele arrested, tried and convicted for smuggling the Pontiff’s private papers, perhaps in the framework of factional struggle within the Roman Curia.

Yesterday the Holy See Press Office confirmed that defrocked Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski – a former Papal Nuncio, no less – has been put under house arrest in the Vatican in connection with pedophilia-related charges. Mr Wesolowski allegedly took advantage of his position as Papal Nuncio in the Dominican Republic to have improper contacts with children.

The arrest whose authorized by Pope Francis in person in a move which is likely to boost his already huge popularity in Italy.


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