The Scottish referendum as seen from Italy

The Scottish referendum on independence raised some attention in Italy, which has its own regional troubles.

The leader of the Northern League party, Mr Matteo Salvini, commented that if the “yes” option prevails in Scotland, also the Italian regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Salento will have to vote in an identical referendum.

The Northern League claims to represent the interests of Northern Italy. Under Mr Salvini, it is now trying to extend its base of support to the Center and South in order to get more seats in Parliament and avoid accusations of anti-South bias. That’s probably why Mr Salvini mentioned Salento, which is in the South of the country.

However, in the South the most solid pro-independence traditions are found in the Greater Islands, id est Sicily and Sardinia. The pro-independence parties are represented in the Regional Parliament of Sardinia.


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