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Italian Police in first ever strike

The trade unions of the Italian State Police personnel announced a general strike after the Minister of the Civil Service, Mrs Marianna Madia, made known that a legislative stand-still clause regarding civil servants salaries will stay in place. The salaries of the Italian civil servants have not been adjusted to inflation since 2010, although it should be noted that currently inflation is nearly non-existent.

The State Police, however, has long been plagued by lack of fuel, cars and other tools due to the State budget cuts. In Italy it has to fight a very powerful, wealthy and aggressive organized crime having its bases in Southern Italy but pushing Northwards.

Law enforcement in Italy is handled by the State Police, the Military Police, the Revenue Police and other minor Corps. The Military Police and the Revenue Police are military Corps and are thus not allowed to strike.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi stated that the trade unions will be summoned by the Government, but won’t be allowed to “blackmail” it.


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