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The Costa Concordia case has its femme fatale

It looked like a good moment for Mr Francesco Schettino, the former commander of Costa Concordia. He had lectured university students about emergency management: yes, not a joke. His arch-nemesis, Coast Guard admiral Gregorio De Falco, had been removed for unclear reasons. But now Mrs Domnica Cemortan, the Moldavian dancer who was next to him the … Continue reading

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Neo-fascists assault iPhone queue in Rome

On Friday members of the local neo-fascist group Student Block threw wheat and eggs against people queuing to purchase the last model of iPhone in Rome. The militants left behind them some leaflets with the slogan: “Yesterday a trench and a bayonet, today an iPhone waiting for you”. The leader of the Block, Mr Fabio … Continue reading

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After Venice, also Naples could remain without a Mayor

While the Government is looking for a new route for the cruise ships within its Lagoon, Venice is without a Mayor. Mr Giorgio Orsoni resigned after being arrested on charges of illicit electoral financing, and a caretaker appointed by the Prefect is still in charge. Incidentally, the caretaker discovered that the Municipality budget was in disarray, … Continue reading

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Jail overcrowding forces Italy to indemnify inmates

Under pressure by the European Court of Human Rights, Italy recently established a mechanism to indemnify inmates detained in overcrowded cells. Nearly all the Italian jails are overcrowded. Inmates have to petition the Surveillance Court, and if they win they get a reduction of their term and sometimes also real money. For example, the Padua Court … Continue reading

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Are the Italian prosecutors too powerful?

In Italy, prosecutors are magistrates, a term which includes both judges and prosecutors. Exactly like judges, prosecutors are independent from the Government and respond only to the Higher Council of the Judiciary. They can issue subpoenas and warrants, although arrests and wiretapping must usually be authorized by a judge. They can give orders to the … Continue reading

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Italians getting used to Vatican crime and court news

To be true, the Vatican law enforcement and judicial system has always been very active. The tiny State is constantly packed with tourists, and where there are tourists, there are pickpockets. Then there are the Vatican employees, so often in contact with priceless pieces of art or highly restricted documentation. However, such investigations and proceedings … Continue reading

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The security of Rome

After the Islamic State threatened to conquer Rome (and a female bus driver narrowly avoided being lynched by a mob of angry immigrants for unknown reasons) one may wonder how the city is protected. Like most Italian Municipalities, Rome has its own Police Corps, but the main responsibility for providing security rests with the State Corps: … Continue reading

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Muti refuses to conduct for Rome Opera

Maestro Riccardo Muti won’t conduct for the Rome Opera “Aida” and “The Marriage of Figaro” as scheduled. The Maestro took his decision after concluding that the labor struggles within the Opera would make impossible a professional organization of the operas. The situation is indeed so tense that the Maestro’s dressing room was even reportedly invaded … Continue reading