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Italian Senate VP “victim of African curse”

Mr Roberto Calderoli, a former Minister and currently a Vice-President of the Italian Senate, claims to be the victim of an African curse after Mr Clement Kikoko Kyenge, the father of former Minister and current MEP Cecile Kyenge, used a photo of Mr Calderoli for an African rite. Mr Kyenge performed the rite after Mr Calderoli had compared his daughter to a monkey.

Mr Calderoli complains that after the rite his health worsened dramatically, he had an accident and his mother died. Moreover, an enormous snake mysteriously appeared in his home. Finally, the presence of a “terrible force” harassing Mr Calderoli was confirmed by a “sorcerer”. Mr Calderoli appealed to the Church to send an exorcist, but noted bitterly that it is “too busy hosting immigrants in our homeland”.

In 2006 Mr Calderoli was forced to resign from his ministerial position after showing on TV a French  cartoon targeting the Islamic prophet Mohammed. After the show an angry mob attacked the Italian Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The response by the Libyan Police left 11 people dead.

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