Crime and Court news

Horror movie-style murder in Italy

It is Sunday morning in EUR, one of the wealthiest districts in Rome.

From inside a house, a woman’s voice shouts: “Help! He’s going to kill me!”

A neighbor calls the Police. The officers enter the house and find the woman. Beheaded.

A trail of blood leads them downstairs to a sealed room. They can’t open the door, so they call in the Fire Service.

But before the firefighters can force the door open, suddenly a very tall, muscular man appears. He’s dressed in military fatigues, wears a mask and is armed with a blood-strained hatchet. He charges the search party, shouting. The firefighters escape, the cops have not other choice but ti shoot and kill the man.

The masked man was identified as Federico Leonelli, a computer technician obsessed with knives and blades. The victim was a cleaning lady from Ukraine, Mrs Oksana Martseniuk. She was probably killed after resisting a rape attempt.

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