Foreign relations / Security and defence

The Italian victims of Middle East conflicts

The recent chaos in the Middle East obviously didn’t leave Italy unaffected.

Just to mention the most famous and most recent Italian victims of the Middle East conflicts, we should remember the 17 soldiers and 2 civilians killed in the 2003 Nasiriyah attack, intelligence officer general Nicola Calipari, accidentally killed by US troops while extracting Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena from Iraq, and security operator Fabrizio Quattrocchi, executed by al-Qaeda in Iraq.

In Syria at least three Italian citizens are missing, Jesuit Paolo Dall’Oglio and now two young aid workers, Miss Vanessa Marzullo and Miss Greta Ramelli.

Finally Mr Simone Camilli, a young reporter, died today in the Gaza Strip while covering the defusing of an Israeli missile by Palestinian bomb disposal experts.


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