Foreign relations / Transport

High-speed railway ring scheduled between Rome, Milan and Venice airports

The Italian Ministry of Transportation and the Italian State Railways signed an agreement to provide high-speed railways links between the airports of Rome, Milan and Venice. Pursuant to the agreement, the Railways will have to start the evaluation phase before the end of the year. The Ministry will formulate its guidelines and provide the required … Continue reading

Foreign relations / Sport

Tavecchio starts from weak position

In the end, despite his notorious gaffe and calls for a more pronounced renovation in the governance of Italian football, Mr Carlo Tavecchio managed to become the President of the Italian Football Federation. However, UEFA opened an official investigation on Mr Tavecchio’s controversial statement, and FIFA could follow suit. Even the Prosecutor’s Office of Mr … Continue reading

Culture / Tourism

Venice and tourism, a love-hate relationship

For the Venetian economy, tourism is everything. That’s why the large cruise ships crossing the Giudecca Channel and brushing them against St Mark Place are still provisionally tolerated, as long as the new Contorta-Sant’Angelo Channel for their passage is not ready. However, this summer the tourists are doing their best to reignite the controversy on … Continue reading

Culture / History of Italy

Roman Empire anniversary commemorated… with flooding in Rome

2,000 years have passed since the death of Octavian Caesar Augustus, the first Roman Emperor after the demise of the Roman Republic ruled by the Senate. Octavian’s Mausoleum in Rome is unfortunately (but predictably) closed, but at least it was opened yesterday to honor the Emperor. The opening and the guided visits took place regularly … Continue reading