Renzi forces MPs to work night shifts

The Italian Senate is debating the constitutional reforms endorsed by both Mr Renzi and Mr Berlusconi amid the frantic filibustering of the radical left and the Five Stars Movement, which accuse Mr Renzi of aspiring to become a dictator. On his blog, Mr Beppe Grillo labeled him as “even worse than Mussolini”.

Since filibustering is a well established strategy in the Italian Parliament, the procedural rules and customs provide to the Government the weapons to prevail, like the “confidence issue” and the “guillotine”.

For the time being, however, Mr Renzi is adopting a softer stance. The Senate President’s Office will apply the “kangaroo rule”, which means that when an amendment proposal is rejected all the proposals which are deemed similar will automatically be discarded. Moreover, starting from next week the Senate sessions will start from the morning until midnight, Monday to Sunday.

When the President of the Senate gave the announcement yesterday, you could see the senators panicking. Some of them even said that the new timetable violates their religious right to attend the Sunday Mass.


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