Five Stars Movement, the only place where nobody wants to be the boss

Mr Renzi was ruthless in his bid to replace Mr Enrico Letta as leader of the Democratic Party and of the Government.

The Five Stars Movement, however, is different.

Mr Grillo, the leading figure of the Movement, insists that he is only a “spokesperson” or “loudspeaker”, although he’s sometimes addressed as “the leader”. He even points out that a rule in the Movement statutes forbids his candidature, since he was once convicted for manslaughter.

Mr Gianroberto Casaleggio, the spin doctor behind Grillo, has no formal role, not even a purely honorific one.

More recently Mr Luigi di Maio, an emergent MP of the Movement, publicly denied any “accusation” of being the leader of the Movement. Such a leader, were he even to exist, could be chosen only by the enlisted members of the Movement by a web vote.

We’ll let the readers decide whether in their opinion the Movement is a organization of rare purity or something more similar to Gaddafi’s Libya, where the Colonel had no formal role in the Government.


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