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The bankruptcy of the Italian radical left

During the Cold War, Italy had the biggest and most powerful Communist Party in the Western world. Even today, Berlusconi sees communist conspiracies everywhere, but the fact is that there is no more a communist party, or even a socialist party. Mr Matteo Renzi, the leader of the Democratic Party, is an admirer of Tony Blair, not of José Zapatero.

L’Unità, the historical communist newspaper, is heading for bankruptcy, with an appeal to Prime Minister Renzi likely to be ignored. In an interview to the leftist newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, the last communist leader Fausto Bertinotti admitted his political failure, the “death of the left” and the corruption of the communist leadership, including himself, by the Italian Dolce Vita.

Even in the Academy Award-winning movie “The Great Beauty” you can see supposedly leftist members of the intelligentsia touring Rome from one party to another. In Italy there is even a specific term, “radical-chic”, to indicate high-ranking leftist militants who are too prone to luxury. You can also use the expression “caviar left” for the same purpose.

Countess Beatrice Borromeo. Her family is centuries-old, but still enormously rich. She’s a professional model. And a famous leftist activist and journalist. She is the embodiment of radical-chic.


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