The house of mirrors of the Italian Parliament

Italian politics were never clear-cut, but Prime Minister Renzi’s proposed reforms turned the situation into a completely chaotic one. This is the current situation in the Italian Parliament, from left to the right. Left Ecology and Freedom (LEF) doesn’t support Mr Renzi’s Government, its constitutional reform or its electoral law, but is willing to negotiate … Continue reading

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Tavecchio case getting more and more inflated

After FIFA, even the EU invited the Italian Football Federation to carefully re-evaluate the presidential candidature of Mr Carlo Tavecchio after the latter complained that “former banana eaters” are allowed to play in Italian professional football. Many football teams sitting in the Italian Federation Council already withdrew their support from Mr Tavecchio, whose bid however is … Continue reading

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The anti-French waves in Italy

Italy and France have long had a love-hate relationship. It’s nothing serious, but there are sporadic clashes. In the past days, for example, France repeatedly suggested that the towing of the Costa Concordia wreck from the Giglo Island to Genoa could pollute the French territorial waters around Corsica. The French Minister of the Environment, Mrs … Continue reading

Foreign relations

Italy greets Christian woman persecuted in Sudan

Mrs Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, a Sudanese citizen who had been arrested twice in her country for converting to the Christian religion, arrived today by airplane in Rome, where she was greeted by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Minister of Foreign Affairs Francesca Mogherini. The woman, whose arrive in Italy had not been announced, had previously taken … Continue reading

Foreign relations

MH17 disaster, the lesson from Netherlands to Italy

According to the BBC, the Dutch are complaining that their Government is being too soft in handling the disaster of flight MH17, downed in the skies of Eastern Ukraine under unclear circumstances. The flight was operated by the Malaysian Airlines, but it had left from Amsterdam and the majority of the passengers were Dutch. Initially the … Continue reading


Five Stars Movement, the only place where nobody wants to be the boss

Mr Renzi was ruthless in his bid to replace Mr Enrico Letta as leader of the Democratic Party and of the Government. The Five Stars Movement, however, is different. Mr Grillo, the leading figure of the Movement, insists that he is only a “spokesperson” or “loudspeaker”, although he’s sometimes addressed as “the leader”. He even points … Continue reading

Culture / Society

Italian Catholic school fires “gay” teacher

The female teacher of a State-sanctioned Catholic school in Trento was refused a renewal of her contract after being summoned by the Principal, Mother Eugenia Libratore, and interrogated about her sexual orientation. The school apparently suspected the teacher of being a lesbian. The Ministry of Education and the Autonomous Province of Trento, which has extensive … Continue reading