Renzi could annex minor parties

Left, Ecology and Freedom is a small leftist party headed by Governor of Apulia Nichi Vendola. It doesn’t support Mr Renzi’s Government, since it didn’t approve its past alliance with Mr Berlusconi and his current alliance with Mr Alfano’s small New Right party.

In the European elections LEF was able to elect some MEPs thanks to the support of the Greek leader Alexis Tsipras (and a communication officer campaigning in a bikini). However, this came at a price, with Mrs Barbara Spinelli, who was supposed to be a nominal candidate, announcing that she is going to accept her seat in Brussels instead, a decision which was widely criticized by the party itself.

Moreover, Mr Renzi’s resounding victory in the very same elections strengthened him so much that even the hardline Five Stars Movement asked to negotiate with him. The hostility to Mr Renzi is now found counterproductive also by many LEF MPs, some of which have already abandoned their parliamentary grouping. And being a very small party, LEF can’t afford any defection.

Similarly, defections are expected also from Civic Choice, the party founded by former technocratic Prime Minister Mario Monti in the attempt to keep on with his policies. Such attempt spectacularly failed due to the unpopularity of those policies, which led the electors to wipe out Mr Monti and his allies in the European elections.


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