Everyone wants Renzi

The strong effort put by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in pushing ahead his constitutional reform proposal is apparently paying dividend. The leaders of two important opposition parties, the Northern League and the Five Stars Movement, both publicly asked Mr Renzi to open a constructive negotiation which could even lead to their support of the Constitutional Bill.

The Northern League will probably ask for more devolution and more powers and money to the Northern Regions, while the Five Stars Movement will use as a basis for negotiations a proposal approved by its members via an Internet vote.

Mr Renzi is likely to grant the negotiation request, unless it leads to an excessive waste of time.

The position of Mr Berlusconi’s party is still unclear.


2 thoughts on “Everyone wants Renzi

  1. Not Everyone!

    Renzi has talked and talked and talked, and has yet delivered nothing, and those famous first 100 days that he, Renzi, who vocally so trumpeted, http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/d4939144-97cc-11e3-ab60-00144feab7de.html, has turned out to be 100 days of Hollywood star performance, and nothing else.

    Mr. Casagrande, instead of just being a parrot and just repeating what politicians are saying, therewithal in English, how about informing the people how politicians are failing the people, that is, how they say they will do something and they don’t. Or better yet, show some real insight and show how we should be doing things.

    It is easy to describe what people are doing or saying, but Italian Insight is not just about informing readers how these people are not living up to the standards they are supposed to and have promised. Real Italian Insight is to show Italians, and yes I am one too, what should be done. Your site is called Italian Insight, a more appropriate name would be, Italian Resight. If your objective is only to inform the English speaker about what is going on in Italy, they don’t need to know, they get enough of that from everywhere else, why not show the English reader that there are some people in Italy that understand the situation and are prepared to improve Italy.

    You might find Mr. Casagrande, that you will get more people reading and leaving comments if you lift your game, instead of just doing what all the politicians are doing; writing, talking, and acting like parrots.

    Non ti pensi che è tempo per riparare le cose, invece di solo ripetere sempre le stesse robe, che tutti già sanno, Italiani o Inglesi?

    Questo web sito, come è adesso, è un esercizio inutile; stai mostrando tutto ciò che è sbagliato con l’Italia di oggi, under performance and poor execution.

    L’Italia ha bisogno di meglio, soprattutto dagli italiani come te.

    Lift your game, Mr. Casagrande, we desperately need it. Enough with the parroting, try something new, like educating and helping Italians to understand that it is time for Italy to change, like, pulling Italians out of the 19th century and into the 21st century. Now there will be some real Italian Insight…. don’t you think!

    • Dear Mr Sabaz,

      Thank you for your feedback.
      I don’t assume to have the solution to the problems of a millennium-old and complex country like Italy, nor I think that a webzine should fulfill this task or put the Italian leadership under trial.
      Perhaps as you said “Italian Insight” is a somehow pretentious name. According to my intentions, it just means that this webzine will try to show foreigners that Italy is not only food, music, fashion, landscape and dolce vita. I don’t think foreign readers are so well-informed and exempt from cliches as you seem to assume.
      The number of readers and comments is not very important to me. They simply go up and down according to the international exposure that Italy gets in a given moment. Overall the traffic is satisfying, and “Italian Insight” was quoted by BBC News at least twice.
      Finally, I acknowledge that Italy has serious problems, but I don’t think that it is stuck in XIX century.

      Marco Casagrande

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