Five Stars, defrosting the ice queen

The first rule of the Five Stars Movement is: no alliances with political parties… at least in Italy, this doesn’t apply to the European Parliament.

By theory, the Five Stars Movement can support specific bills and proposals by a political party. However, until now the distrust of the Movement for… pretty much everyone left it isolated in Parliament.

However, two days ago the Movement sent an official letter to Mr Renzi’s Minister of Justice, Mr Andrea Orlando, proposing to discuss some proposals to tackle corruption. This could be part of the new softer strategy adopted after the defeat in the European elections.

Also this new strategy apparently doesn’t apply to the European Parliament, where the Five Stars Movement will try to form a grouping together with the controversial United Kingdom Independence Party.

Mr Renzi’s Democratic Party looks willing to adopt a hard line against corruption, introducing new legal norms. Today it forced to resign its own Mayor of Venice, Mr Giorgio Orsoni. However, Mr Berlusconi will try to stop any attempt to introduce stricter norms, officially because he doesn’t trust the judiciary to be independent.


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